A Disney Proposal

Three years ago my little brother proposed to the girl of his dreams.
Emma went to school at Vanguard University in Southern California so her family frequented Disneyland whenever they would come down to visit. Spring Break 2014 was no different. Little did she know, her life would change forever.
My brother had been working on his surprise proposal for months, conspiring with Emma’s family, making necessary arrangements, printing t-shirts… every detail had to be perfect!
We arrived in Anaheim the day before. We had to hibernate in the hotel to avoid being accidentally spotted. Emma’s parents were the only ones who knew we were all there… waiting.
The morning of the proposal we threw on our shirts and rushed out the door. We kept close tabs on Emma’s whereabouts with her Dad. We ran through the park and to the other side of the castle. Everyones hearts were beating. We hid just out of sight.
Then we got the txt. “Where here and headed to the castle”. Emma’s Dad lined his family up for a picture with the castle in the background.
We made our move.
We shoved our way through the crowd.
We lined up.
“Will” “You” “Marry” “My Studly Uncle”
Mark took a knee.
She turned around and….
The crowd cheered!!!


Mark and Emma are coming up on two years of marriage this summer.
Im so thankful that I was able to be a part of such a wonderful surprise!

*Proposal photos taken by Steven Guaschino

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