Megan’s Maternity

This gorgeous mama is Megan.

I have absolutely loved watching her family grow over the past year.
Her and her husband just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary in May.
And this month they welcomed their precious baby boy into the world.

Ive been wanting to play around with smoke bombs and dry ice for quite some time now.
Megan was kind enough to let me use her and her stunning baby belly.

At The Park – A Lifestyle Shoot

People always say it, and you never believe it until its too late…


You blink and another year has passed.
You’re so eager to get to that ‘next stage’ that you forget to appreciate this one.
You quickly forget the inbetween moments that made up your day-to-day life.

Lifestyle photography is meant to capture your children the way they are.
The good, the bad, the excitement, the frustration, the exploration, the wonder, the tears.
All the things that make up your unique child.
All the little things you love.